Growing a Beard

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Pre-Shave Sharing a Beer

The first time I visited Kavir & Kiera in Canada, they were about 6 months old. We spent a couple weeks together in Toronto and Phoenix. By the end of that trip Kiera seemed like she was unsure about how she felt about me (even after the diaper changing!!), but I had definitely gotten Kavir to like me. Everything was going great, we were having a lot of fun with the kids – until – I decided to shave.

On the last day of the trip, tired of the scruffy beard I decided to finally shave it off. As I came out of the bathroom and went out to meet everyone in the living room, Kavir took one look at me and burst out with his stranger-danger cry! Kiera unsure about what had happened, decided to play it safe and started crying as well. That was the last time I saw those two for a year and I wasn’t very happy with the way things ended.

Making a wish on the Hoi An river

I’m usually unable to keep a beard for very long due to work and the strange expectations folks have about shaving before meetings. Earlier this year, we had a couple of trips planned back to back – We would be in Vietnam for a few weeks, followed by a weekend in Dubai, a week in Paris for work and then two weeks in San Francisco for a bit of work and of-course to see Kenoy, Niti, Pepper & the Kids.

This time I was prepared. I decided to start growing a beard well in advance during the Vietnam trip to maximize my chances of the kids recognizing and loving me!

Although I had to shave in Paris for some meetings, my beard grew back in-time for the kids and clearly they approved.


Well Earned Success 🙂



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